2/4 March sets


Barren Rocks of Aden

Highland Laddie

High Road to Gairloch

Killiecrankie (4/4)

McPhersons Rant (4/4)

3/4 March sets

Green Hills of Tyrol

When the battles O’er

Argyles Crossing the River Po

Loch Maree

The Dream Valley of Glendaruel

Heroes of Afghanistan

8th Argyll’s Crossing the River Po

Bloody Fields of Flanders

4/4 March sets

Bonnie Galloway

Rowan Tree

Scotland the Brave

The Black Bear

Bonnie Hoose O’ Airlie

Lord Lovat’s Lament

Thomas Sander

Wooden Heart

6/8 March sets


Atholl Highlanders

Kenmure’s Up and Awa

Lochiel’s Welcome to Glasgow

The Top of Ben Lomond

Cock o’ the North

Blue Bonnets

Bonnie Dundee

March of the Royal British Legion Scotland

Slow airs

Highland Cathedral

Suo Gan

Flower of Scotland

Medley One

The Countess of Dysarts Welcome to Edinburgh Castle

The Mermaid Song

The Marquis of Huntly

Tail Toddle

Keltmans Jig

Medley Two

The Road to the Isles

The Skye Boat Song

The Keel Row

The High Road to Linton

The Mingulay Boat Song

Paddy’s Leather Breeches

Medley Three

 PM Willie Ross’s Farewell to the Scots Guards

El Alamein

Molly Connell

Jock Wilson’s Ball


Below is a sample playlist of the band’s First CD produced in 2011